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Payroll tax is a hassle for businesses. On the one hand, your business needs to comply with the payroll tax laws in your state in order to avoid fines and other consequences; on the other hand, calculating payroll tax or figuring out how to minimise it is a complex, stressful and time-consuming process that can pull your focus away from your business’s true purpose. At Tobin Partners, our payroll tax consultants are here to help.

There are a lot of law firms in Australia, but there are very few that are in quite the same category as Tobin Partners. We are one of just a few specialist law firms in the entire country that focuses specifically on the matter of payroll tax. This factor alone makes our Victoria payroll tax consultants some of the most qualified people out there to help your business navigate the complexities of payroll tax law. Because we can put our full focus on this one area of the law, we are extremely knowledgeable about what the law says and what strategies different types of businesses can utilise to benefit their bottom lines.

Often, business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs assume that payroll tax is a one-size-fits-all kind of law. The common assumption is that every business pays a certain amount of money in payroll tax for every employee it has.

In truth, payroll tax law is a good deal more complicated. This complexity is something of a double-edged sword. It means that figuring out payroll tax without consulting payroll tax consultants is very difficult. However, it also means that there are things you can do in setting up your business to minimise the amount of payroll tax you pay.

When you work with our team of Melbourne payroll tax consultants, our job is to help you identify those strategies that are going to save you money. If you are starting a new business, we can help you to structure things so that you are 1) compliant with payroll tax and 2) paying less in payroll tax than you might with a different structure. If you own an existing business, we can help you restructure it to minimise your payroll tax burden.

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Are you paying too much for payroll tax? Is there a way you could save money? Do you need to be registered for payroll tax under Victoria law? These are a few questions that Tobin Partners and our payroll tax consultants in Victoria can help you answer. We would love the chance to sit down with you, answer your questions about payroll tax, learn more about your business, and help you devise smart solutions to save money. Contact us today to arrange a meeting with our payroll tax consultants in Melbourne.

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Our law firm is adept in dealing with payroll tax and everything that it encompasses. We thoroughly understand our clients’ needs and can provide you with advice and solutions that are specific to your needs. With more than 30 years of experience in the legal industry, our principal will give you the best outcome for your business tax goals. Contact us today to discuss your employment tax obligations.