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Not every lawyer is equipped to help you with this task, so it’s essential to recruit the aid of lawyerswith experience, confidence, and knowledge when it comes to payroll tax. Tobin Partners emphasises payroll tax law to ensure that our clients are well-prepared and have the assistance of a Sydney payroll tax lawyer who fights for them.

We provide several key services for our clients, including:

Advice on structuring a new business or restructuring your current company to minimise your payroll tax obligations. Your business’s revenue should go towards compensating the team who helps you succeed and reinvesting in the future. Excess payroll taxes decrease the amount of money left over for your employees and business.

We are Sydney payroll lawyers who will represent your interests and de-group applications under payroll tax regulation for you. We can analyse your records to help you determine if you’ve received unfair treatment from the Commissioner of State Revenue. Taxes may be complex, but ultimately accountants can help you determine if you’ve paid your fair share or are owed compensation for an error on the part of the Commissioner.

Assistance regarding any payroll tax audit. Even worse than having to process complicated payroll tax compliance is dealing with an audit after the fact. If you’re asked to explain something perceived as a variance or oddity, let a consultant help you clear it up with the minimum of hassle and difficulty.


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Trust Tobin Partners to Simplify Your Payroll Tax Concerns

We aim to be a Sydney payroll tax consultant who you can rely on for years to come. We communicate clearly, articulate what your obligations, liabilities, and opportunities are, and help you restructure your business into a form that is better situated to prevent and resolve payroll tax issues. Our team of lawyers treats you with respect and as an individual.

Because your business has unique payroll and tax needs, you deserve dedicated attention. We’ll take the time to understand what makes your business different and how best to reconcile those differences with your objectives and the problems that stand in your way. We know that communication is essential to trust, and trust is vital to a longstanding relationship. Therefore, we’ll keep you informed on all developments. Contact us to learn more about our payroll tax services.

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Our law firm is adept in dealing with payroll tax and everything that it encompasses. We thoroughly understand our clients’ needs and can provide you with advice and solutions that are specific to your needs. With more than 30 years of experience in the legal industry, our principal will give you the best outcome for your business tax goals. Contact us today to discuss your employment tax obligations.